Ceremonial Art

Ceremonial Art by Daniela Huber

I support the transformation
that shifts your belief system and
leads you to where you truly belong.

Ceremonial Tattoos

Tattoos in the Wild and Beyond

Treat yourself

Tattoos in the Wild and Beyond

Be kind to yourself, believe in yourself, treat yourself. Let go of what no longer serves you, free yourself from limiting belief systems. Create a landmark in your life which reminds you of what you love. Getting a Ceremonial Tattoo is one way to do do this. It is also one of the oldest rites of passage and initiation. If you get a tattoo from me, I customize the perfect design for you.


Meet Your Ancestors

Your ancestors have a huge impact on your life. Everything they did, thought and dreamed of can be a blessing or a curse to you. I work with ancestors who lived well and died well. That means, that in their human form, they followed their heart and died with peace within. These characters come from every era. They form archetypes for ancestors in your lineage or for ones that lived a very very long time ago and are related to us all. An ancestoral print helps you to connect to the guiding hands of the past and feel grounded in the present.

The Sandwater Children
Parable Cards and Journeys

The Sandwater Children Parable Cards are a collaboration between Adrian Fuller and myself. Consisting of 95 hand drawn cards, 81 original symbols and a 155 page compendium

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